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We are a full service web design company committed to creating professional, modern and functional websites that bring added value and customers to your business.


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We create projects that are based on business knowledge and made with emotion and great ideas!

Who We Are

We are a small company with a well-coordinated team of enthusiastic professionals in web design, back-end, copywriting, graphic design and marketing. We are flexible, energetic and commit to every project to the fullest, no matter its size. We produce functional e-commerce products, prepare web presentations for enterprises covering all industries, and provide  branding consulting and graphic design projects. 





Our Services

New websites

We design websites from small to large. If you are new to the online world, we will be happy to help you create a great presentation, e-commerce site, portfolio or personal page.


If you do have a website, but you feel that the design or function does not serve you anymore, we are to discuss options for a refresh to help it fulfil its potential. 



Are you too busy to spend time maintaining your site or just don't feel like it? Never mind, we'll take over the management of your site and keep it up-to-date and nice for you.



If you're not a pen master and give us the information we need, we'll help with the content. We can create websites in English, Irish and other languages as well.

Wordpress support

We provide technical services for both new and existing websites running on WP (functionality fixes, plugins, certificates security, spam protection, maintenance).


We design graphics from simple logos to complex corporate identity designs, including letterheads, posters, flyers, corporate documents (contracts, price lists etc).

Work Process

Every website we create goes through these steps to ensure quality, customer satisfaction and great design that brings conversions.




Creative Concept


Happy Client

Every website is different, just like our clients. In order to fully understand you, your business and expectation we will ask a lot of questions. 

Together with you, we need to set the goals of the website, understand the typical customer of your business and find out how to attract their attention. We also need to analyse your direct and indirect competition and define the advantages you have to show.

The introductory process and analysis are an exciting process, during which we will also focus on determining the scope of the site so that it suits you, is pleasant for your visitors and makes sense for your goals.

After the introductory discussion, it’s time for graphic design! If you are not sure what your site should look like, now you will definitely solve it! 

In this step, a designer will get in touch with you to discuss your graphic design and layout preferences. They will ask you about colours, fonts, and background materials for graphics, such as pictures, videos, and other elements. A super important part is the layout of your site. Based on the introductory discussion, they will suggest a solution that you will fine-tune together.

The designer will prepare a creative concept of your website. During this stage, we discuss the concept several times, are happy to make changes, present you multiple options, suggest various technical solutions and make sure that you are absolutely happy with your new website.

As soon as we make sure you’re happy with the concept, we give you a minute and start working on the live version of your website.

The production phase of your site no longer requires as much collaboration. We’ve agreed on all the important attributes, so we can now focus on configuration, programming, design, functionality, and testing.

As part of the production, we provide all technical requirements, such as hosting, system configuration, certificate security, spam protection, connection to databases and other systems, social networks and anything we have agreed upon.

Yaaay, we’re nearly there! Now is the time to hand over the site, but that’s not the end of the work!

In this step, we’ll give you your new site, which will be internally tested, modified, and ready to go. Once we get your consent, we will launch it. If necessary, we will be happy to adjust the details, but at this stage, there is no room for major changes.

After launching the website, we are here for you for one month in case you need to modify, add or remove something to suit you and your customers. We call this in-service testing. Is everything okay? We hope you are as satisfied as possible with the website!

Latest projects

What our customers say

“Fast and proactive communication regarding agreement about my new website. Everything was designed and done according to the assignment and need. Professional communication and genuine interest on how to improve the whole thing. Every change was made in the blink of an eye. And the design!? OMG I can’t even believe I own something like this now! Thank you, you are true professionals!”

Peter Ivanco


“Friendly attitude with a high level of professionalism and creativity, excellent client care, nice communication and speed. Without exaggeration, being a client of DNW is a pleasure!”

Radovan Klas

Graphic Designer & Artist

“Our first collaboration with DNW in the summer of 2020 was absolutely excellent. Despite the fact that we met only a few times and relied on telephone or e-mail throughout the development of our website, the communication worked very well. We especially appreciate their readiness, diligence, patience, willingness and also a high dose of creativity, which brought a completely new dimension to our website. Together with colleagues, we can warmly recommend their work, DNW are professionals and any non-standard request will not just throw them off. Our cooperation will certainly continue.”

Blanka Bryscejnova

Kindergarten Principal

“Thank you very much for the kind approach and professional design of our website, as well as for seriously stunning business cards tuned to the last detail and very lovely leaflets. Thank you so much!”

Radek & Petra Baloun

Wine Shop Owners

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