12 best colour combinations for your web

One of the most important factors that affect how a visitor perceives your site is its colour combinations. It is proven that about 80% of people who leave websites within the first minute do so because of the design, which includes aesthetic, readability, responsiveness, expectations and other reasons. Isn’t that a shame? Therefore, before you go for a crazy colour scheme that doesn’t really match your business and personal preferences, get some inspiration first and choose the colours that you feel comfortable with. 

How to choose the colours?

In case that you are choosing colours for your first website, keep in mind that one day, your entire brand will be based on them (or at least should be, if you don’t want to pay for the redesign). So, one thing is a colour combination for a website and another is whether you can imagine these colours and fonts on business cards, flyers, banners or car stickers. Likewise, if you already have some branding done, you should consider the colour spectrum that has been used.

Assuming that you want a clean design that doesn’t look messy and does not divert attention from the content, it’s generally not recommended to combine too many colours. If your site is based on visual content (such as a portfolio), then choose neutral colours so they don’t disturb the overall impression. For other types of websites, it’s cool to have one or two major colours for the main elements and others to complement the overall impression.

How you want your website to work with the visitors? Do you want your design to be decent and serious? Funny and playful? Calming and relaxing? Or intelligent and reliable? Those are the questions you should answer before you choose the final colour combination. 

The most stunning colour combinations for your website

#1: Black and white clocks

Colour combinations

Colour 1: #BABABA

Colour 2: #242424

Colour 3: #545454

Colour 4: #5C5C5C

#2: Grey city

colour combinations 2

Colour 1: #5FSBS3

Colour 2: # D4D3D3

Colour 3: #CFA741

Colour 4: #ACACAB

#3: Wildflowers

colour combinations 3

Colour 1: #AFAEAS

Colour 2: #3A3932

Colour 3: #A5941D

Colour 4: #5D4548

#4: Cloudy sky

colour combinations 4

Colour 1: #94A29F

Colour 2: #975829

Colour 3: #60300F

Colour 4: #2E1709

#5: Pink Cashel

colour combinations 6

Colour 1: #6D577A

Colour 2: #D7707E

Colour 3: #282C1F

Colour 4: #A19693

#6: Lavender Field

colour combinations 6

Colour 1: #C8B8D6

Colour 2: #8536AA

Colour 3: #55283F

Colour 4: #52168B

#7: Dublin Twilight

colour combinations 7

Colour 1: #373C5C

Colour 2: #C7B5A2

Colour 3: #82BCE1

Colour 4: #577ABE

#8: Blue Sunflowers

colour combinations 8

Colour 1: #43A9B9

Colour 2: #EDAB2D

Colour 3: #1F2A2C

Colour 4: #536049

#9: Colourful Crayons

colour combinations 9

Colour 1: #A9A7A9

Colour 2: #228FBA

Colour 3: #CC2636

Colour 4: #E28935

#10: Bright Bubbles

colour combinations 10

Colour 1: #CA3E1E

Colour 2: #0C4A87

Colour 3: #EAD704

Colour 4: #8C1E8D

#11: Flowing Colours

colour combinations 11

Colour 1: #1EC4A1

Colour 2: #E8CCE5

Colour 3: #E41F72

Colour 4: #F0C627

#12: Pink Workplace

colour combinations 12

Colour 1: #EDE8EA

Colour 2: #F60C79

Colour 3: #26424F

Colour 4: #D0B42D

Have you got your inspiration?

We hope that our selection of the most beautiful palettes for websites has inspired you to choose a colour combination for your project. If you already have colours, all you have to do is choose a font and have a beautiful website made that will represent you perfectly. If you’re still stuck for ideas, let us know today, we will be happy to help or advise.

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