30 best font combinations for a web

Font combinations are one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a new website. No matter what type of site you have, they are key attributes to ensure the aesthetics, attractiveness and also success of a site. Fonts make a significant contribution to how your visitors, ideally future customers, will perceive your website (and what you do).

How do you want your website design to work with customers?

Fonts radically influence the overall design of a website and impact your customers’ visit. If chosen correctly, it works well within the overall structure of the site, the layout of the elements, the type of images and other graphics.

There is a big difference between being a well established company that takes everything quite seriously, a rebellious artist who lives a bohemian life, a respected politician looking to impress or a young student who’s building a portfolio of work. Your focus should be considered and tailored to the design of the page, including the font, because you want your site to express who you are, too.

What font combinations work well together

Font psychology is a fairly broad discipline that could be explained extensively, but we will save you that. We want you to choose fonts that you like and that are consistent with the overall theme and message of your site. So let’s take a look at some samples and we hope you find the right one!

Below you will find popular font combinations for headings and texts. It’s nice to combine them as just one kind of font would look quite boring, but we do not recommend more than two fonts for a website, even though an exception may make sense in some cases.

Formal font combinations


Font combinations 1

Font combination 2

Font combination 3

Font combinations 4

Font combinations 5

Font combinations 7

Font combinations 8

Font combinations 9

Font combinations 10

Font combinations 11

Font combinations 12

Font combinations 13

Font combinations 14

Font combinations 15

Font combinations 16

Font combinations 17

Font combinations 18

Font combinations 19

Playful font combinations

Font combinations 25

Font combinations 21

Font combinations 22

Font combinations 23

Font combinations 24

Font combinations 25

Font combinations 26

Font combinations 27

Font combinations 29

Font combinations 30

Which one do you choose?

So, did you find one you like best? Great! Now all you have to do is find the colour combination that best suits your project, layout or design a structure and you can show off your new beautiful website!

If neither is completely perfect, take a look at Google fonts, maybe you will find some inspiration there, but if not, then together we will find a solution. We promise that we will always look at the chosen combination, evaluate the selection and give you our opinion.


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