5 reasons why you want a single-page website

Have you decided to go ahead and get a wonderful website that will perfectly represent your business? If so, one of the factors you might be considering is the scope of the website. Generally, you can get a single-page or a multi-page website (this can be further subdivided but let’s leave that for another article). If you can’t decide which option is better for you, we bring 5 cases where a single-page website will be okay.

Who is a single-page website perfect for?

1. Website as a very basic marketing tool

Having a nice and functional website for your business is one of the basic tools to engage the audience, convince them to purchase your product and also, look like a professional. Some professions, typically craftsmen, simply do not need large websites, in most cases. These people want to be seen, show photos of their work and references. Single-page websites are the way to go!

a single-page website

2. You have just started your business

Starting a business is not easy. One has to arrange and solve so many issues, including an overall marketing package. Business cards are not the only thing you need: before you get them printed, consider your online presence too. For start-up freelancers and small businesses, there is a simple solution that doesn’t cost much but brings a lot of benefits. The best being that you will start building your brand, you will have a great personal or company presentation, people will know about you and you will be more trustworthy.

3. One product or service businesses

Whether you are starting out or have a well-built audience and stable income, a single-page website will be perfect for you if you have just one product or service to offer. Single-product, simple websites are often much more effective at converting than huge websites, because people learn everything they need to know on that front page alone. So, why not invest in your business instead of a huge, multiple-page website that you don’t really need?

4. You need a portfolio to show

Personal websites, job seekers, artists, freelancers, small entrepreneurs in services – these are professions for which a single-page website will suffice for a long time. The goal of such a site is to introduce yourself, what you are great at, and most importantly, show your work (photos, paintings, reference articles, screenshots), and maybe testimonials. That’s all your prospective customer needs to know in the beginning, isn’t it? We can fit all these on one page, just let us know.

a single-page website

5. Limited resources? No problem.

A one-page site will be a great solution if you have limited resources. The difference between a small and a large website will be a few thousand euros, and even a small website can bring you a lot of customers. For example, if you are a jewellery artist and you want to sell online, you can have a custom e-shop made or a single-page website. Administration might be more difficult for you (invoicing and orders will have to be processed manually), but you will not be limited by Facebook page’s customers and its design. It’s always better to have a well-designed webpage than nothing.

Cons of a single-page website

5 reasons why you want a single-page website may convince you that a single-page presentation is a great solution, but let’s be honest, it also has its drawbacks, such as not being suited to work with keywords and SEO, so you may not appear in the first spots on Google. Furthermore, you can’t publish too much text or details about your product, because when a single-page website is too long, it looks weird and unnatural, and the visitor soon gets bored. Also, you can’t have a blog on a single-page website.

a single-page website

Every problem has a solution, though. At DNW, we always evaluate in detail whether your business, for which you want a single page website, has the potential to grow in the future. If so, we’ll design your site to be easy to expand in the future, at no additional costs. This means that when your business grows and you want a more extensive presentation of what you do, it will be significantly cheaper because there won’t be as many changes needed. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

How much does a single page web cost?

The exact price is always calculated based on specific requirements. Here is the general answer: if you want a really simple website with basic information, you can have a single page website for as little as € 190. If you want special features and more complex development, the price for a single-page website can be € 590. If you are interested in a consultation, let us know, we will appreciate your solution and we will be happy to work it out for you.

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